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Magento 2.4.4 - Vulnerability url issue

We are getting vulnerability url issue in magento 2. In all magento 2 version we are getting this type of data. We are getting data on that pages. ...
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What are the best method's to check/test patches on site?

I have applied changes for following patches SUPEE-10975 SUPEE-11086 SUPEE-11155 SUPEE-11219 SUPEE-11295 SUPEE-11314 For magento 1 website. Please let me know what are the best method's to check/test ...
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Magento 2.2 - Mage-Report Exposed Magento 2 API

Magento 2.2.3 I have scan the website in Mage Report, How to solve Exposed Api issue. What magento2 patch for this instead to upgrade version.
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Apply patches in Magento

I have to apply certain patches to Magento, but I can't find them anywhere. Security patch 11219 Security patch 11155 Security patch 8788
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Magento 1- mage-report keeps saying the security patch isn't installed

In Magento I have installed multiple patches (supee-11314, supee-11155, supee-11219) with the success message and also clear caches (FPC, Redis, etc), refer to screenshot 1, but mage-report ...
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Apply Magento2 security Patch

We've recently tested our website on Magento's own security scan tool and we were advised to install/patch the following: API ACL - Failed.API ACL Patch not detected (APPSEC-1378) XS Vulnerability - ...
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Magento 2 Payment Method Hacked

My website's checkout was hacked this 4th time. The hacker somehow modifies the following files: lib/web/jquery.js vendor/magento/framework/Interception/Interceptor.php vendor/magento/framework/...
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PRODSECBUG-2403 RCE Vulnerability patch has not been detected! (500) get in magneto 2.4.0 security scan

i am using magneto 2.4.0 . While run magento security scan get this message FAIL | Patch | RCE Vulnerability | PRODSECBUG-2403 RCE Vulnerability patch has not been detected! (500) when try to fin ...
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