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Magento scope switcher is the select box having list of websites and store in current cntext

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Temporarily hide scope on store

at the moment we have setup two scopes on our store which is not live yet. English and Danish. We want to go live with only Danish scope, until there is need for English as well and also we need time ...
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Programmatically Updating Products changes Custom Option & MetaData scope

I am working on a free standing script that updates product price and I have noticed that the scope of the product's custom options change after execution, causing the 'Use Default Value' to become ...
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Magento 2.3 limit scope change in admin

How can one limit the change of scope in Magento 2 admin Like if a user is ABC then he can only view ABC store view and not default store settings in (dashboard and ...
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Scope Store not working for custom category attribute

We are using Magento 2.2.6 and created a new category attribute. But the store_view scope is not working. I searched already in the database and also diverse blogs on the internet but don't get a ...
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Attribute scope is disabled. How can I change it?

I want to translate the attribute SKU in product detail pages. I've set the default label to Artikelnummer (NL) and translated the label under Manage Labels. Still... in customer view it only shows ...
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How to set/change a Product's Store View?

Magento 2.1.2. I have set up a test installation, with four sites, each with one Store and View (and corresponding root Category). I have previously successfully added products, set their categories, ...
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How do I implement store switcher through controllers?

How do I implement store switcher through controllers instead of using block template to implement store view like this: <forum_admin_adminhtml_forum_edit> <reference name="left"> ...
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How can I edit products on website scope?

When I edit a product in the admin area of Magento I can select to edit the product for the global scope or for any of the store scopes. I would like to edit the product for a website scope. Is there ...
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replace the "switch store" by a navigation bar to select the desired store

Here is my installation, 1 website (1 domain) with 2 Each store and store view. Note that I am not coding or programmer, which explains my question: I would like to replace the "switch store" by a ...
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How do I detect when a user switches between websites/store views?

I'm trying to work out how to detect when a user has left a store view and landed on another. Basically I have website A with a domain of and website B with a domain of magento....
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show magento scope switcher in admin grid edit form

I'm working on a module in magento admin where I would like to show the scope selector as in manage products, manage categories, system configuration for my grid edit form. ![screenshot][1] Can ...
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