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How to make column resizable

I want to make my columns in admin resizable. This is not working. <resizeEnabled>true</resizeEnabled> <resizeDefaultWidth>150</resizeDefaultWidth> <column name="title&...
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Remove background color from transparent .png resizes images

Can you please help me find and disable code that adds this background color on transparent .png images, when they get resized? It seems that background color is calculated automatically based on the ...
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CLI Resize ends with "Killed"

I'm trying to resize all the images in my 2.3.4 Magento database. I have about 100 images to resize. When I run the command line instruction, bin/magento catalog:images:resize , it comes back with a ...
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How to resize the font size in sidebar navigation menu for Magento 2.3.4 (Luma theme)

I am doing a migration from 1.9.3 to magento 2.3.4 and i somehow managed to move the top navigation menu to the sidebar with a mod that was posted on this site for magento 2.3.4 However each menu line ...
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Magento2 How to resize product images by product id without using resize command

Does any one know how we can resize product image by product id ? i do not want to use resize command,becuase it takes much time
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