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SSO sign up with referral id

I have a referral url like this This takes us to sign up form where there is a hidden field for referral and is populated using JS. The is ...
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Suppose I reach to this page customer/account/login/, after I click on "Sign In" button and i found referer feature not working :(

How to echo or print the referer url(history page) from where I reached to that login page. I have to implement something that after login user should not reach to dashboard instead he should re-...
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Magento 2 Invite friend via email with custom template in Myaccount dashboard Section

I have added a link in my account dashboard section, but i would like insert Invite email field with custom template. Thanks
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2 answers

Magento2 : Not getting proper http referrer url

The code does not show the referrer URL of the website. From which the user has come to the current page. Instead, it is displaying the website base URL any idea why it is happening? It is working ...
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magento 2.2.3 HOW CAN I DO THIS SITUATION? When referee signs up, referrer receives 200points, referee receives 100 points [closed]

Magento 2.2.3 HOW CAN I DO THIS SITUATION? When referee signs up, referrer receives 200points, referee receives 100 points .
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Redirect to Referrer URL after Login with Facebook/Google not working

Magento has a feature to redirect to the referrer page after a customer logs in. I have done this using the following code: $referer_url = $this->_redirect->getRefererUrl(); $...
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8 votes
2 answers

How to get RefererUrl in magento 2 observer?

How to get RefererUrl (source page url) in Observer file? Actually by using this; $this->_redirect->getRefererUrl(); I am getting Referer Url in magento 2 controller file.But in Observer file ...
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Is it possible to redirect to a Url instead of adding in shop cart?

I would like to make this optional. Like some of the products are able to be added in shopping cart and some of some when a user click on add to cart it sends him to the referral store. Is there any ...
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