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Have anyone found Product Tags feature Extension for Magento2?

I want Product tag feature extension in magento2 like magento1. Have anyone implemented before? I know it's not exist in core magento2.
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tag free shipping image on the image of my simple products

I need to tag a free shipping label or ribbon on the image of all my products in Magento Community 1.9; all my products have free shipping and its really important to show free shipping image or tag ...
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add a tag LIMITED QUANTITY to products in Magento community 1.9

kindly note i have a selective products around 20 that i need to show a label or a tag " LIMITED QUANTITY". i tried the add tag under catalog but its only related to back end and administrator use and ...
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trouble setting default alt tag of enlarged product images

I have been trying to figure out which layer/.phtml/extension is responsible for the empty alt="" in the enlarged images on a site, for example at
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how to add a custom product tab like details tab on product page in magento 2.1

I have created attributes like features and specification for product. Can anyone guide me how to show these attributes below details tab on product page. I'm using magento 2.1 with molly theme.Please ...
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Adding product label on product view page? [closed]

I could add product label (New, Sale tec) following this tutorial. I don't use their theme, so I used the section 3 method to manually achieve this. ...
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Sort order of Tag Pages

Can someone tell me the file where sort order of "Tagged" pages can be changed. Somehow, my tag pages are ranking better in SEO and I would like to change the sort order of products that are displayed ...
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Product Tags feature is not included in Magento 2

First, I'm confused whether this question will fit the requirements of a question expected on this site, if that's the case, please indicate that. Just installed a fresh version of Magento 2 to get ...
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Dispatch event of product tag save from admin

Is there any dispatch event available for product tag save from admin I want to do save that tag in my table when its status change pending to approve
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