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Why it shows [deleted] next to my order detail's existing store view name?

I have my orders placed via a POS app and everything has been working properly. However, at a tradeshow, I didn't collect my customers' addresses (to speed up the process), therefore the orders weren'...
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Magento 2 : How to change in order status and order id for display purpose in custom POS

We have Custom POS system enabled on the website. Like to append some labels in the order id and order current status for the display purpose only in the POS system not for the website(frontend) ...
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How does the offline mode works in Magestore and XPOS?

It's a big pleasure to "virtually" meet you! Anybody of you have details regarding how Magestore or XPOS work in offline mode? Which are the functionalities available? Thanks a lot in advance!
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Magento integration with POS machine

We are planning to integrate Magento(1.9) with POS machine at our physical store. We need to implement the following features When an order is placed online the Magento will share the order ...
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POS In Magento 2 [closed]

I have a magento 2 store and i want to integrate POS with will i integrate Do you know of anything that can help us sync both Magento and POS qty to avoid stock problems
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Retail Kit - WebPOS cannot check out products

I've been exploring Magento at work recently and I've come across a roadblock. WebPOS would tell me to "Please check your network connection. Or disable checkout online to continue" when I'm ...
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Admin category positioning not working properly

I recently found an issue with magento admin category positioning. When i drag n drop a category position to switch places with another category. Nothing happens.. It basically runs for like 20 ...
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Integrating magento and pos

I am having magento store and also POS . I need to integrate both , so is there any tool or any extension available in magento for this purpose
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Sync Magento qty with existing POS

We are building a Magento online store for our brick and mortar retail store. We have been running our daily sells with our taylor made in house developed POS system. It stores all information in a ...
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Add barcodes to CSV list

I have 7000 products ready to sell, however I'm going to link it up to a POS system so I can sell instore and online. Therefore I need to assign all my internal stock codes a barcode. What's the ...
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What is the a good phone order extension? [closed]

We used to be on Volusion and their phone order page was quite nice. If someone called in to place an order we could add products to a cart from the admin side, edit prices for the customer and enter ...
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POS integration for Magento [duplicate]

We bought POS system from the Bank and they provided us some sample codes(asp,c,php,vb). They are not giving support for magento. We will use XMLPay (not 3D Payment) Do i need a module for this? İf ...
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