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Show Pincode/shipping availability checker in magento 2 header

I have implemented Pincode checker in Magento 2 product detail page by creating a custom module, but I need to show it in the header section and hide it from the product detail page. How can I achieve ...
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How to check product delivery from pincode using end point API MAGENTO-2

I need one help. I need to know is there ant end point API available to check the delivery serviceability from pincode. User has its pincode as the input and need to check the delivery serviceability ...
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Products and their prices should be shown area wise

I want to add product price depending on the customers pin code in magento 2.1.x. Kindly help. Products (simple/configurable) and their prices should be shown area wise (pin code)
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How to add more pincodes in Cash on Delivery restriction module?

I am using custom module Cash on delivery restriction by zipcodes for Magento I am having an issue to add pincodes more than 10 thousand. This module only accepts 8 thousand pincodes. here ...
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Can I customize zip/postal code validation option after selecting a product and before proceeding to Add to Cart Option? [closed]

I need to customize zip/postal code validation in the Magento product page after selecting a product it should proceed to pin code validation, once pin code gets validated it has to give me add to ...
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How can i check availability of a product using pincode feature?

How can i check availability of a product using pin-code in checkout page in magento ? Is it can be override the core functionality or have to include a custom module ?
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Dont allow checkout for certain pincodes

I am having some list of pincodes and i want to not to allow checkout for that pincodes if user enters that in the billing or shipping form. Please let me know. Thanks
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