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Magento2 installation - Failed to set PHP CodeSniffer installed_paths Config

I am trying to install Magento2 using composer. Getting codesniffer error and tried below steps to overcome the error but unfortunately it's not going away STEP 1: Tried to install magento2 $ composer ...
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Why does PHP_CodeSniffer only allow me to have a Magento copyright at the top of my code?

When I try to use my own copyright I get this warning when running phpcs: "0: line: 3, col: 1, Copyright is missing or has wrong format" But if I use Magento copyright, I get no warning. No ...
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Outdated codesniffer in MEQP2 composer.json for Magento 2.2?

How to correctly test against MEQP2 standard? Normally i use vendor/bin/phpcs --standard=PSR2 To supress errors a i use this: //phpcs:ignore or //phpcs:disable PSR2 When using MEQP2 standards ...
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Code Sniffer Fails

I am trying to run code sniffing for one of my module and it is giving the below error. **Class 'ArrayObject' is restricted in /usr/share/eqp/PhpCodeSnifferTool/tmp/work/DataObject.php. Suggested ...
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Magento2 | The use of function getallheaders(), base64_decode(), rawurldecode() is discouraged

The use of function getallheaders(), base64_decode(), rawurldecode() is discouraged. What are the alternative for these in Magento2
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PHPStorm Xdebug not working

I like to configure and check the code flow using the X-debug break-point, so followed the below tutorial and successfully configured the X-debug in my PHP-storm, I am using php-7.2 https://www....
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