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Magento 2 How add PDF Uploader to UI Component?

How do I add a PDF uploader to the ui component? I could find how to add an image uploader, but I can't find how to do it for pdf files.
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magento2.4 how to upload Pdf file to gallery and insert them to cms page

I have to upload PDF files from admin gallery and insert them to CMS-page, I can see extensions available for product attributes PDF upload but I need to use them an CMS-page through gallery. Kindly ...
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How to upload pdf file with csv

How can we upload a pdf file to Magento from an external server with CSV file? For example, I have this on the CSV file pdf_upload= when ...
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Magento 2 how to increase text type field length?

I have a module where I save a PDF file in a text type field, however I just realized that the pdf was not stored completly, it misses some characters. This is how I created the field: $installer->...
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Magento2 Allow svg and pdf file upload via wysiwyg editor

I know this has been asked before but have not seen any answer for Magento2 I have a Magento2.4 website and I want to when creating a cms page be able to upload and insert into the page a link to a ...
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