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Magento 2 Cross site scripting vulnerability PCI scan

PCI scan in our servers recently failed due to cross-site scripting vulnerability in Magento 2 pages. They have requested like below to reproduce the issue. REQUEST: GET /2018-2019-random-url.html?&...
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Preventing fraudulent credit card authorization attempts - carding

What are some solutions for preventing fraudulent credit card authorization attempts? Magento captcha no longer seems to do anything and attempts with several reCaptcha modules has not worked either. ...
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Magento 1.9 - How to set PCI Compliance script integrity check for merged js file

I had scan the site with PCI scan. But it is failed and its score is 7.8. Following are the scan results of PCI scan: Title: Script Src Integrity Check Synopsis: Report external script resources not ...
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Magento 2 code validation "Unescaped output detected." when calling Product Attributes in phtml

I've created Magento 2 modules, now when I trying to validate my code with Magento code validator and I`m getting 'Unescaped output detected' in phtml templates where calling custom HTML attributes. ...
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Magento 1.9 - Sanitization of Fields Required

I have to find PCI vulnerabilities in the Sanitization of fields. I have one form to submit data. In this, input fields of form should be to add a script for sanitization in magento1.9 ...
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Magento1.9 - Failed to find a valid digest in the 'integrity'(PCI compliance)

I have generated the SHA-256 and added in the integrity tag like below. <script type="text/javascript" integrity="sha256-65DEQpj8HBSb+/YImG+9LCeuQeRkm5NMpJWTH6hSuFZ+" src="
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PCI Compliance Scanning Tool For Any Version Of Magento Site

I am looking for a PCI Compliance scanning tool that can scan Magento websites ( Any version ) or Piece of Magento code. Please suggest. I know there is a checklist available in DevDocs (https://...
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Credit card Processing Dillemma

We have a card processing machine, in house.. However I am looking for a third party PCI compliant encrypted Company to save the credit card information, instead of our backend, for security purposes, ...
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