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How to remove CE-MAGETWO-67805 Patch - Magento2

I am using Magento 2.1.6 and I need to upgrade to 2.1.7, and before I can do that, I need to remove the CE-MAGETWO-67805 patch and my problem is how to remove the patch?
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7 votes
4 answers

How to include 3rd party library in Magento 2 (like php xlsx library)

How to include third party library like php xlsx library in Magento 2? Since last 7 days I am browsing in google and I could not found any information. Magento 2 give default framework module like ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Magento 2 Pattern Library -- Date & Time Selectors

I would like to implement the "Horizontally Stacked Time Range Picker" from the Magento 2 Pattern Library into an admin form input
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