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I need to reset my password but never receive an email

I have clicked on the link for "Forgotten Password" but I never receive an email with the link to reset the password. I have checked my junk folder but nothing gets sent to me. Is there another way to ...
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password request has expired

I have a Magento 1.9 Site: My issue is the password reset link. I wanted to test my site as a client shopping on the front end. So I sent a forgotten password email to my emails ...
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Password Reset Confirmation email

One Magento Installation Two websites on subdomains Customer1 subscribes to Email address is in database and customer can login with the same ...
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How to create pop-up window for forgot password

I was try to create pop-up for forgotten password. I am able to open pop-up window, but there is whole site, instead of only form - it is because I call link for whole site like this: <?php echo $...
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DB user and password

Hello everyone I'm a newbie. Can I recover somewhere the user and the password to access the MySQL database? I lost them and I think they are the always the same that I entered when first configuring ...
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How to change SQL server password in Magento?

I would like to change the password for my sql server but I got the access denied message from Magento once I changed the password. So how can I change the setting in Magento to reflect the password ...
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Mass email customers for a password reset

We want to import our customer database from our old site to our new one which we are going to use cart2cart for but from other reviews on the internet I hear they do not transfer the customer ...
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When using "set New password" for customer Magento sends email with admin password reset link [closed]

I am using Magento When I use Password Management -> New password field in the Customers -> Manage Customers -> Account Information page for a single customer record the selected customer is ...
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Customer reset password issue

I've imported some customers and the passwords could not be migrated. This is no big issue. All the customers were notified to change their password. But in the mean time, the Date of Birth field ...
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