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Duplicate Order Issue while click multiple time place order button - Magento 2

I am facing the issue on the checkout page. If customer click on the place order button multiple time then multiple order will be placed with the same quote id. I am using Amasty One step checkout ...
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Received orders with a duplicate order ids

We have received 2 orders with the same order id. Like We have 2 orders with the following order Ids: 000001256 000001256 How is this possible? Does anyone has faced this type of issue OR any idea on ...
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Order duplication for other customer

I want to create a new order from an existing order (cart, products...etc)for other customers with a button "copy", Is it possible ? Edit : Imagine you have : Order n°10001 Customer name : ...
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Getting this errors while importing

Duplicates found in column names: array ( 0 => 'sku', 1 => 'store_view_code', 2 => 'attribute_set_code', 3 => 'product_type', 4 => 'categories', 5 => 'product_websites', 6 => '...
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Duplicate Orders for one payment through Paypal Express Checkout Magento 1.8

When a user is trying to purchase through PayPal Express Checkout first time if billing address is not correct the payment is declined and they are redirected back to Magento In short, the site ...
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Duplicate Order for one payment through Paypal Express Checkout

Duplicate order on Magento v, triggered by: PayPal API error code 10486 In short, the site responds to this error appropriately and as said in the doc: when the buyer's first payment is ...
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Duplicate Order Confirmation eMails

I have the problem that I receive order confirmation eMail twice. One is to the copy email I have in noted in the magento backend and one is also to that email and to the customer. So I keep receiving ...
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How can I fix: Cannot save the credit memo?

I am trying to create a credit memo in my store but I keep getting this error Cannot save the credit memo I have checked the exception.log and can see the following: Integrity constraint violation: ...
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Programmatically reordering

I'm trying to create a new order, based on an old order. $orig_order = Mage::getModel('sales/order')->load((int)$order_id); $order_model = Mage::getSingleton('adminhtml/sales_order_create')...
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Split the quote object to multiple quotes with respect to category

I have successfully split the quote to multiple quotes and the orders are being placed seperatly for every category. Product price and subtotals are successfully calculated according to the products ...
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Duplicate items in array from SOAP

Im trying to get a list of items from an order to display correctly on my webpage using the SOAP API. I have managed to display shipping, billing and general info, and i have also managed to display ...
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Overriding Shipping Charge without creating a new Order

There is an admin override for a shipping price available in Magento. The issue is that in order to do this the order is duplicated and the information on shipping address and billing address doesn't ...
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