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How to automatically add comment to comment history on order status change?

I've noticed that when an order goes from Pending to Processing there is no entry created in sales_order_status_history. This is a change from Magento 1, which kept a history entry for every status ...
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Event Observer on the orders grid if someone selects an order and uses one of the actions in the drop down menu items

If someone selects and order by checking the box and then using one of the action items in the dropdown. I would like to add the user and timestamp and the action item they selected to the comments ...
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M2.2.4 - Order comments in backend, make asc order instead of desc

We have some extensions that attach comments to the order comments area of an order, however we also have the customer comment order as well, which we would like to make the primary comment on the ...
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Paypal Magento2 Order comments

I have enabled PayPal on my Magento 2 store and placed an order. Now I am getting too many order comments in order view section. How can I debug this and why there are too many comments showing?
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Magento Recommended way to add comment to order

I am looking for the Magento recommended best practice for adding a comment to an order. I can easily accomplish this using things such as $order->addCommentToStatusHistory($message)->save() and ...
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I have added custom field in sales_order_grid but cannot retrieve data by getData( )

I need to get order comment in order grid, but cannot retrieve data by getData( ) Upgrade script <?php namespace vender\Ordercomment\Setup; use Magento\Framework\Setup\UpgradeSchemaInterface; ...
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