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GitHub Code Space for Extension Development

We are developing Magento 2 extension and publish them as open source on GitHub. It would be cool if contributors can launch up a GitHub code space and make edits + tests the changes. Is there already ...
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B2B customers with Magento Open source

we want to make use of the Magento Open source version. Is there any community extension to handle B2B customers and quotes? I only want to use Magento as Backend/Admin software without any shop. ...
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Magento License Violation

I know of a multi-billion dollar entity that has rebranded Magento 1 Community as their own creation and is then re-distributing to hundreds of unsuspecting customers who are not aware that they are ...
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AWS MQ with Magento 2.4 Open Source

Is it enough to update the env.php file queue section to setup AWS MQ (Rabbit MQ as the messaging broker - version 3.9.13) Magento 2 version is M2.4.5 Setup the cron. I have done the below change in ...
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How can I downgrade Magento EE 2.4 to CE

I want to move from the Magento commerce version to the open-source version, I have version 2.4.1. Any help regarding how to do this?
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how to switch between mariadb and mysql

my magento2 is reading mariadb server and database is connected to that, I am trying o use mysql instead but I had no luck, it does not recognize the database at all although I have added the ...
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Magento 2 contribution automated tests

I've started to contribute on Magento Open Source project on Github. I did my first commit and opened a pull request. I added/replaced some lines of code in a JS file, trying to follow all the guide ...
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100 off for any three product within category

I want to create the discount within the category. 100 off for any three product within category But my rule apply only when user buy three item from the same product. Not within Category any three ...
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