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Magento 2 how to overwrite a trait function

How do you overwrite a trait function from vendor. Things i did try in the di.xml <preference for="\Vendor\Module\Traits\Model\ChangeMe" type="\Company\Module\Traits\...
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What mean this function in magento 2

I saw a function declared like this below. <?php public function getFirstName():string { return $this->firstName(); } why this :string is used and when I should use this.
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How to find class by function name in PHP class?

For example I have a class A which extends class B and B extends C and so on. Now I can get all the function which is accessible in class A by php function getClassMethods($this); But if I found a ...
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Difference between class constant and class static variable with array as a value in php7?

Example: class Test { const URLS = [ '', '' ]; public static $urls = [ '', ...
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How can I use Namespaces and USE function in magento 1.9?

How can I use Namespaces and USE function in magento 1.9 ? I dont want to use require or include function just set one namespaces and use this in my controller like laravel or magento 2. Is it ...
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What does getLoadedProductCollection()->clear() do?

I am new to magento, but have some experience in Object Oriented Programming (OOP), so I understand the concept that you are building a query in an object through multiple commands - which can ...
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Magento 2: Clear Direction on Controller Result Factories

In a controller's execute method, has there been any clear guidance from the Magento core team if client developers should Be using the individual PageFactory, JsonFactory, RawFactory, etc objects ...
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