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Error 502 or Nginx takes over

Magento Installation and Network Setup: Magento 2.4.6-ps2 (server) with elasticsearch 5.8 (docker) on NGINX server is successfully installed and running on an Oracle Cloud network environment, ...
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Install Magento 2 PWA

Can Anybody suggest to me the best guide to install the Magento 2 PWA step by step? I tried many things, but face this issue on using this command : yarn buildpack create-custom-origin packages/venia-...
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Magento 2: Changes not reflected in PWA Venia theme

I have tried to updating the content on footer component but my changes is not reflected on frontend. Any idea about how to clear the cache in PWA studio after updating the content in component? ...
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How to setup NPM package execution on Magento Cloud?

I need to run a command to compile my theme styles and commit them every time I need to push something new, these are the commands below. npm i gulp style gulp js When I try to run it via the Magento ...
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Is it possible to use npm packages in Magento 2?

I see a post here from 2017 that gives an idea of how it's done, but I would want to use something like this that would allow people to sign their names on forms. I know how to create html/js ...
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How to change host from localhost to my network ip in vue-storefront?

I have install Vue-storefront in my local machine(Ubuntu 18) by following these commands git clone vue-storefront cd vue-storefront yarn yarn ...
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Magento 2 Vue Storefront error can't start docker in background

I am implementing the vue storefront using the following reference: https://docs....
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magento2 facing error during npm install

-- I got this warning during npm install in my local system
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react-select-search - Uncaught TypeError: this.state.value.slice is not a function

I am working on a ReactJS web app and using "react-select-search" package for search & select feature for countries' ISD codes. GitHub link to package used I've cross checked the values from ...
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Magento 2 with Gatsby and GraphQl issue

I am trying to integrate the magento2.3.2 with gatsby js and Graphql. For reference please check this link I have integrated everything but I ...
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Node modules in theme

I am new to magento and i have researched this issue i am having for enough time to post it here. My goal is to understand how require-js works with node modules. Case: $themeDir = app/design/...
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Is there a some solution to use npm packages within a Magento 2 module?

The main idea - don't keep JS files which belong to some NPM packages in a module repository? Maybe someone have some solution of thoughts.
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local grunt database errors, when I have a vagrant magento2 box

I have a vagrant box (debian) with a Magento2 installation for development. Everything works nice, but changing css/less is very very slow (because everytime I have to remove pub/frontend and var/...
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install npm for Magento 2 on a system the runs Plesk Onyx without deleteing Plesk

When i try to install npm per apt-get on my Linux machine with Plesk onyx it always want to remove my plesk packages. i still wanna use plesk on my server since its my developer environment. but i ...
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Magento 2 Yarn instead of NPM

I justed wanted to know if anyone has tried out the new package manager Yarn which claims to be faster and most secure than NPM, in their Magento2 projects. If so is, there any known issues I should ...
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installing & using reactjs in magento 1.9

Im trying to run reactjs library in my magento 1.9 website. reactjs can be run in php server using v8js-php consequently it could work. many reactjs components are installed using composer: a- its ...
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