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magento 2.4 newsletter form loses recapatcha when called from static block

On my magento 2.4 I've enabled magento's google recaptcha from the security settings and I have enabled it for newsletter subscription form. On my website, I have two instances of the subscription ...
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Magento 2 : create newsletter subscription CMS page

do you have any reference that can share, how to create a CMS page that has a newsletter subscription form in it? I don't need an extra column for the data. Once the user subscribes there, it will ...
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Validate form data after submission in Magento 2.3 on Newsletters

I'm writing a module which registers a subscriber to our internal newsletter system, by using the stock Newsletter block in Magento. I'm creating an observer on the ...
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In Magento 2 how to add phtml block after newsletter in footer.?

I want to add html content after newsletter in footer section in luma theme Please suggest me how can i do that?
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Newsletter popup only showing clossing button [closed]

In my theme settings having enable newsletter pop-up option, i enable it. But showing light grey-out colour and clossing button only, not getting newsletter form. Thanks.
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Newsletter Subscriber Block on CMS Page not working

The CMS Page, content is : {{block type="core/template" template="newsletter/subscribe.phtml"}} Its show the newsletter subscribe box, if add the email will not add to the database.
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Move newsletter block before footer start, Luma, magento 2

Trying to move newsletter from footer outside of it(Footer) in Luma theme, magento 2. curent structure <footer> // HERE I WANT TO HAVE THE NEWSLETTER <div class="footer content"> ...
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