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Questions tagged [new-products]

Questions related to the "new products" widget/block and the news_from_date and news_to_date attributes.

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New & Sale product list from specific categories

I would like to make 2 links with containing all new (link 1) and sale (link 2) products from a specific category and it's sub categories. For example: I want to show all new products from the baby ...
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Magento new products widget

I am trying to create a CMS page which displays and paginates all the new products on a site. This first appears to be easy as there is a widget built in that lets you select if you want to use the ...
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3 votes
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Magento 1.9 add new products to homepage with Layout update XML only

I manage to show 4 'new products' on my homepage. In my Homepage > Design > Layout update XML i put the following code: <reference name="content"> <block type="catalog/...
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Set default value to news_from_date and news_to_date

How can I automatically set the news_from_date and the news_to_date for a new product? news_from_date should be the date now and news_to_date should be date now +1 week.
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How to hide new or featured product from home page if it is out of stock - Magento 1.7

I am showing new and featured products on my home page. I'd like to show only products that are on stock. If a product is marked as new or featured it will be shown here only if it is on stock (have ...
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catalog/product_new no longer displays anything

So, I've been using this as a New Arrivals part of my home page to display those products that have the most recent 'Set Product as New From Date' and 'Set Product as New To Date' parameters set up. I'...
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Is it possible to add a template to a widget using $this->getchild?

I'd like to add some pagination for a widget that i'm adding to a CMS page. Is it possible to add a template to this widgets .phtml page or is there any other way for me implement this functionality? ...
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Daily Email update to admin about Newly added product information

I am having multi-vendor store where one sub-admin add the product and main-admin take care of configuration, tax, shipping etc. Now the main admin needed email notification at the end of the day ...
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New products list dedicated page

I need to display the products marked as new in a dedicated page in my e-shop and use the same products list template I am using in the catalog_category_view page. Does Magento already provide this ...
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Showing new products in RWD-Theme

I'm trying to display the newest Products on a CMS page, but it doesn't work. I've tried several codes ({{block...), but none of them would work. I have read about issues with the RWD-Theme but couldn'...
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NEW PRODUCT updating at the wrong time

One of my clients are having trouble with their magento installation. When they they create a new product and set the "Set Product as New from Date". It does not update until later that day, and not ...
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How do I determine whether a product is new

I have a Featured Products block on my current theme and I'd like to make changes to it. I would like tochange it into a Featured and New products. Yes, I did read How to check if a product is new ...
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