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Questions tagged [new-products]

Questions related to the "new products" widget/block and the news_from_date and news_to_date attributes.

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Can We override **Add New Product** Page in custom_module on frontend area?

I want to make a custom page where vendor can add New Product with all text fields which Magento provide from the backend. I want to override this same page on my custom module on the frontend side. ...
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Magento 1.9 add new products to homepage with Layout update XML only

I manage to show 4 'new products' on my homepage. In my Homepage > Design > Layout update XML i put the following code: <reference name="content"> <block type="catalog/...
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New Product Widget not appearing when adding phtml to theme

I'm trying to add a New Product widget to my home page. As soon as I had the new_list.phtml into my theme from the base theme, the widget disappear. Has anyone encounter that issue in Magento ver. 1....
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Magento new products widget

I am trying to create a CMS page which displays and paginates all the new products on a site. This first appears to be easy as there is a widget built in that lets you select if you want to use the ...
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Show all sale products or new products like in a category page with layered navigation Magento 2

How can I Show all sale products or new products like in a category page with layered navigation?
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Some new products not showing in homepage

I've a site on magento, in home page there is a tab for new products, selected from date in product setting. The strange thing, some product is not showing in home page, even though I set the ...
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Configurable swatches are not displaying on new products page ( new.phtml )

I am using my custom theme. By following some articles, I have displayed configurable swatches on the product list page. When I set the configurable product as New then it appears on my New Products ...
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NEW PRODUCT updating at the wrong time

One of my clients are having trouble with their magento installation. When they they create a new product and set the "Set Product as New from Date". It does not update until later that day, and not ...
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Magento 2 : Customize New Products Rss Feed

Generally when we hit Feed shows data in XML format like this : <rss xmlns:slash="" ...
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New products not showing in category frontend Magento 2.3.7-p3

Before you dismiss this kindly read the details. I have come across several issues but none provide a solution to my question. My products do not show in the frontend of the store. They are visible ...
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Magento 2- Added widget in static block is not visible in front end

I have created a static block and within the block, I have added an embedded code for new_products widget. All content is visible in the front end except the widget. Embedded Code: {{widget type="...
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Magento 2: Error while adding new category or new product

I am facing a error while adding a new product or category from back-end. The error is as follows: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1048 Column 'entity_id' cannot be null, query was: ...
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Magento 2: How to add date filter to new product widget

I am using new product widget in my custom phtml template. It is showing the newly products. but i want to add the date filter to this products. How can i do it. Any help appreciated. template file ...
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Magento 1.9 getting a blank page when creating a new product or edit old product

Magento 1.9 getting a blank page when creating a new product or edit a old product. Here is the screenshot: Can ...
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How to add toolbar and pager to new.phtml?

How to add toolbar and pager to new.phtml ? I tried this code below but the toolbar/pager doesn't show up. Thankyou!! <reference name="head"> <action method="addItem"> <...
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Magento catalog price rules and new product issue

A friend asked me to help him to understand an issue on his magento. His catalog price rules doesn't apply anymore after two days. New product doesn't take care of end date. I found a module on ...
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Displaying New Products in Home Page

I am using this extension to display New Products in Home Page. I disabled the extension from Admin Panel but it is still displaying New Products in Home Page. Cache is disabled in my site. Why it is ...
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Store View Specific Widget

Currently I have a New Product List widget running on my hompage with: {{widget type="Magento\Catalog\Block\Product\Widget\NewWidget" display_type="all_products" products_count="10" template="product/...
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Change sorting new page product

I have a product page /new with a product list sorting by "position" by default. I don't like this sorting because the list never change... Is there a mean to change this sort only to this page ...
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How to set the product can not be seen in new products block but still can be seen on the category page?

I try to add a product rather than as a new product but still be accessible from other pages such as categories or related products. In the admin panel, Set Product as New from Date and Set Product as ...
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