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Questions related to the "new products" widget/block and the news_from_date and news_to_date attributes.

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Why the error when creating a new product "Asymmetric transaction rollback."?

When creating a new product and trying to save it, I get the following error message: Asymmetric transaction rollback error Has anyone else encountered this? Please share the fix :)
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Magento2 : How to show New label in product list page

I want need to show New label on new product in product list page. Help me for the achieve this task. How can it will Show in magento2 ?
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3 votes
1 answer

New products list dedicated page

I need to display the products marked as new in a dedicated page in my e-shop and use the same products list template I am using in the catalog_category_view page. Does Magento already provide this ...
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Magento 2 Sort by New Products and Most View Product

I am using this Magento 2 add Sort By Best Sellers Option on category products litsing page for Best Seller Products i want to same New Products and Most View Product
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Newest Product Widget Not Showing Correct Products

I have a recent problem with the new product widget not actually displaying the newest products. It is set to 'all products-recently added products' but has just been showing the same 5 products for ...
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Set default value to news_from_date and news_to_date

How can I automatically set the news_from_date and the news_to_date for a new product? news_from_date should be the date now and news_to_date should be date now +1 week.
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Can not add new product

I cannot add new products in Magento because de main options are not showing after clicking on "Add new product", I attach an screenshot. As you can see see in the left menu there are missing several ...
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