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Questions about naming convention in Magento

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Convert Class Name from CamelCase to kebab-or-dash-case

I'm trying to find the logic in Magento (if it exists/is usable) that converts class name from Upper Camel Case -to-> Kebab Case (or spinal case, dash case, lisp case, caterpillar case, hyphen case)...
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Is there a relation to the dataPersistor/dbProvider reference and database table name?

I have inherited a custom module that is not working and not done yet. I have a question regarding the UI form components and its relation to naming and usage (for instance: database table name/UI ...
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Naming Convention in imports - use \class vs use class

I found that, "Magento 2, At its core is PSR-4 compliant". Then I got into this: and the table at the bottom: FULLY QUALIFIED CLASS NAME -> \Acme\Log\Writer\...
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custom extensions - are hyphens allowed in the Extension name?

This is a follow up on the Magento 2 Extension naming convention question here. I've learned thus far that you need a Vendor Name an Extension (or Module) name a combination of both like ...
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Magento 2 best practice for class locations and names

In Magento 1 we were used to place our classes in these directories Block Helper Model Resource and use a simple class name without any capital letters in the middle of the name. ...
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