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I want to select multiple products using a checkbox and add to the cart all in a single click

Is there anything out in the marketplace like this already? I'm willing to put in the work to build the solution but thought I'd check here for some pre-existing module or partial code I could use.
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How to add multiple configurable products add to cart with size and color options in magento 2

I am trying to add to the cart multiple configurable products with color and size options. when adding configurable products (with any children) product prices are displayed correctly only in the ...
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M2.2 | Button that can add multiple individual products to the cart all at once?

In short, we are looking for the ability to have a customizable button (be it through js, small module or whatever) to where we can have a button that would infact add multiple individual products to ...
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Magento 2 - Product with Multiple Options with Quantity

I'm basically trying to have a product(t-shirt) with multiple sizes with its own quantity. Like this; Is there any extension or tutorial to do this please?
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Add products to cart from modal popup

I am showing accessory products on popup and it appears just after adding actual product in cart.
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checkout_cart_product_add_after fired only once for grouped product

I m observeing checkout_cart_product_add_after event to modify quote item. But it seems it fired only once no matter how many qty or item i have added from detail page. My goal is to change each ...
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How to add multiple subproducts to the Magento 1.x cart at the same time?

I know there are already a lot of answers for how to add multiple products at once. I don't think this is a duplicate because here we are talking about subproducts not products. Currently on my ...
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Magento2 - programatically add to cart multiple configurable products

I am facing some problems when trying to add to cart multiple configurable products in 1 single request We have tuned product list page, to add the required form values for this kind of request (...
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Add button for product

Can you help me on small project in MEDISON ISLAND go to on page go to on a "SALE" on drop down, click on "MEN". Here in below the product image how I can placed "add to cart button, and when click on ...
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Add Products through Custom module in magento2

I'm trying to add number of products to cart at a time using custom module here is my module code app/code/Multiple/Addtocart/Controller/Index/Cartadd.php <?php namespace Multiple\...
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Multi Buy, differant prices 3 for $250

I have a category full of shirts. All shirts are different prices What I am trying to do is if 3 shirts are selected the total cart price is $250 if 6 shirts are selected the cart price is $500 if ...
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How can i add "Add to Cart" options on my new products custom slider

I need to add Add to cart Options on new products custom slider on home page.
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How to change product image for configurable products magento 2

I am new to magento2, I couldn't understand How image swapping works for configurable product in magento 2. How this feature implemented programatically while we change options of configurable product....
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About Product Quantity drop down And add to cart button

Hi I would like to have two Add to cart buttons which add specified quantities for my products and remove the input field i want quantity drop down instead of this. = I'd like One for Order Sample ...
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programmatically adding product to cart returns every time diffrent quote id in android application

Below code work perfect on IOS application but now work in android application. <?php error_reporting(0); include("../app/Mage.php"); umask(0); Mage::app(); $store_id=$_POST["store_id"]; $...
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Magento 2 : Adding multiple configurable product variations in cart

I'm trying to add multiple variations of a configurable product to the cart at once, and I've put the code together, but currently it's adding the right qty of products, but only using the first ...
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