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looking for file location insert/update inventory_stock table for products

I am looking for code where it insert/update is_salable column in inventory_stock_1,inventory_stock_2 table anyone know from which file it is updating this data? when I save product in admin it ...
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Custom Inventory Source Item

I am trying to render the extension_attibute value from databases to show on UI component field for Custom Inventory Source Item (please refer following screenshot) For that I have created - create ...
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Magento 2 MSI error "There are no source items with the in stock status"

I am trying to enable the MSI module after being disabled for a lot of months. Now MSI related tables are empty and it is throwing the error "There are no source items with the in stock status&...
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[Magento][2.4.3] Deduct source item on refund

I have config MSI for my store and I have some problem. When I call api /V1/invoice/:invoiceId/refund to refund my order with payment type is online payment (ex: paypal, ATM..) after refund success, ...
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