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Malware in Magento 2 mirasvit feed

I have installed Data Feed watch on my Magento 2 store and also installed Sucuri Monitoring, it always sends me a malware warning of "" for some files like "...
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How to enable 'Use in Layered Navigation' for EAV attribute?

The options are disabled and I would like to activate them. The module I am using is Mirasvit
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Mirasvit Sphinx Search indexing Magefan Blog - Error: Call to a member function setData() on bool

I am using the Mirasvit sphinx search and have configured an index from Magefan Blog posts. I get the following error in search result page regarding the blog posts. <ul class="mst-...
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Indexer catalogrule_rule is set to invalid and causes the cache to be flushed a lot

I'm having a slowness issue on my client cloud instance. Indexer catalogrule_rule is set to invalid and flush the caches a lot so the site is always slow even when we have the Miravit cache warmer ...
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Magento2: Mirasvit SearchAutocomplete not working with Elasticsearch search engine

I am facing an issue with Mirasvit SearchAutocomplete Module. It's working properly with mysql search engine. And it stops working with the Elasticsearch6+ search engine. Facing this error: Sorry, ...
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/shell/log.php?region=%31... getting called

Cannot find anything in the internet about that. Here is whats comming in: 'REQUEST_METHOD' => 'POST', 'REQUEST_URI' => '/shell/log.php?region=%31&kunyuk=%31&MageShell=%31&xcv=%31&...
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Magento 2 - Mirasvit RMA data migration from M1 to M2

We have migrated products, customers and orders details from M1 to M2 using now we would like to migrate RMA Mirasvit data ...
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