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Mapping backorders/allow_backorders & use_config_backorders (Akeneo)

I've not been succesful in mapping these values, as these are not standard product attributes. backorders (or allow_backorders) use_config_backorders I would not mind setting the default value of ...
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Join array values and keys between two php arrays

I need to merge (sort of join) two arrays with both same keys, and in result i want to have the values of the first as keys of the second one : Example : $keyArray = [ "key1" => "...
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Magento Migration Tool mapping files for config.xml

So I am configuring the Magento Migration Tool as a separate module, as recommended in the documentation. I have followed all the instructions and got to the point of providing some table ignores ...
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Magento2: Toggle button yes/no to enable/disable module function in shipment method/

For the new shipment method, I created a toggle button yes/no to enable/disable module function. But the issue is while selecting yes or no module unable to work in that button function. please check ...
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map js url not loading magento2

we have a site that was running fine, we just move site to new instance and got an error. All js file's map urls, that we define in require-config.js file not loading on frontend. Like, we define - ...
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What is the use of "mapping" node in di.xml in Magento 2?

I am using Magento 2.2.5 have a look on file vendor\magento\module-sales\etc\di.xml <type name="Magento\Payment\Model\Checks\SpecificationFactory"> <arguments> <...
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Magento2: How to convert JSON to Array of nested objects

I am wanting to understand if there are some functions in Magento Framework which will assist me in mapping an array of nested objects from JSON (such as what would happen when the REST API is ...
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Magento 2 Custom Customer Attribute Save Data and edit data, i have problem

I create a customer module this module working good , when I migrate data mangento 1.x to magento 2.x wiht migration tool and i wish crete a new customer don’t save data or edit any customer don’t ...
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Is it possible to map category products in website or store level

Default Magento doesn't allow product mapping to categories per website or store level. This is global. Is it possible to customize this in Magento to make it website or store level? If yes, then how ...
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