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Magnifier Zooming Magento 2

Hi we been having issues with our Magnifier not having a zoom effect in the product page for Magento 2. For example You can see the hover effect on the image, ...
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Magento 2 Fotorama always show zoom in and out icons on fullscreen

How can I make it so that the zoom in and zoom out icons are always displayed, right now it only shows when zooming my browser in to 200% for the icons to show up. I see that --disabled gets appended ...
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magento 2 zoom not working correctly

I'm facing a problem with product magnifier on the product detail page. when i hover my mouse over an area in the product image it is more showing other parts of the image and the size doesn't ...
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Magento 2: Product zoom magnifier is not working properly

I have used deafult Magento's product zoom magnifier on our website and want to show the zoom window within the image container but its not working properly. Its not zooming well and I'm not sure what ...
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Magnifier.js Magento 2.3

Magento 2.3.3 and Magnifier not working correctly. This is what you see on my website <var name="magnifier"> <var name="fullscreenzoom">20</var> <!-- Zoom for fullscreen (...
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How to rewrite /lib/web/magnifier/magnifier.js file in a custom module in magento 2.3?

Can we rewrite files in the lib folder? If we can, I want to know how to rewrite /lib/web/magnifier/magnifier.js file in a custom module.
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Magento 2 - Dynamic Product Image Magnifier

I want to add magnifier with settings of top position,left position ,width and height to setup and show magnifier accordingly to settings when hovered on image.
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