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Can work same database with magento old version and upgrade version?

Here, the old code means Magento2.3.4, and the new code means magento upgraded v2.4.4-p2. Recently, I upgraded a site from Magento 2.3.4 to v2.4.4-p2, and I have much customization. Does Magento work ...
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Magento234 code optimization

For optimize already minify CSS, js. Merged CSS and js. But still not achieve as much exact results. Gtmatrix always display F scored. How to optimize the code and increased site load time?
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Magento 2.3.6: Order email is sending but Customer Account create/forgot password email not sending?

We have checked order email is sending proper,when we tried to create new customer or forgot password that time email is not getting. when we have checked in exception.log file we have got the below ...
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How to adjust the text Order Summary in shopping cart

All the text in the Order Summary is dutch, so i want to change ´´Order Summary´´ into ´´Order Totaal`` I cannot find the solution. For all with the same problem. I managed this problem with function ...
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reCaptcha reputation error Magento 234 newsletter subscription

Footer newsletter subscription display error You cannot proceed with such operation, your reCaptcha reputation is too low. I have used google invisible captcha.
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