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Denotes questions related to Magento Social which is introduced in Magento 2.2

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How to Activate Magento Social in Magento 2.2

How to Integrate Magento Social in Magento 2.2 I refer to link above. I followed a guide and failed to Activate Magento Social integration. Tried integrate manually but it failed to Activate too. ...
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Which is better way in magento2 for social login?

I have used inchoo module extension for social login in magento1 Now i want to migrate my project into magento2 There are not available inchoo module for social login in magento2 So i have tried ...
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social login magento 2

I installed mageplaza social login but i got those error when trying to connect
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M2.2 Integrations issue with extensions

Every time I install an extension I receive the error displayed in the screenshot. If I click on the "integrations" link it takes me to System/Integrations. I then activate Magento Social and the ...
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