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Catalog Layer has been already created error during the search

I am experiencing a very strange issue on Magento (version 2.4). Due to a mistake, we imported some incorrect products. To rectify this, we reimported the correct ones. Now, all the products are ...
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Search by SKU get all products

After we upgraded to 2.4.5-p1, our search engine stopped working when someone searches for a product by its SKU. After some debugging, I noticed that when the SKU is 9 characters or longer, Magento ...
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Magento2 Wrong Search Results

im having some issues using Magento2 search engine. Im using Magento 2.3.4 and have setup only the name (weight 10), meta-title (weight 5) and sku (Weight 1) as searchable. Im having for example ...
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The search of product name, SKU does not get the exact result in Magento 2

I am using Magento 2.3.4. I want to get the exact search result using SKU or product name but currently get the related results. Please help and Thanks in advance.
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Magento 2 Elastic search 6 Fulltext search with like

I am trying to customize the default Magento 2 Elasticsearch 6. Right now the default Fulltext search is not giving that good result. For Example I have product name like ADB12355 BBB, ADB3456 AAA, ...
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Magento 2: Remove Escape Character on Magento Search Query

I am using Elasticsearch 5.6 in our Magento Enterprise 2.2.9. I have already set the SKU to be "not analyzed", so that searching for SKU with dash(-) will give me exact result. Ex 414-123 However, ...
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Magento2: How can add custom search boxes in admin grid for products?

I want to add custom search box in product grid in admin. please find below screenshot: How can do this?
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