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Magento2: Reward point input field

I am working on Magento 2 reward point and i wanted a input to consume the reward point. I using the Magento EE version and default reward point module. Please let me know if anyone has any idea.
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How to Get Order Redeemed Reward Points and Earned Rewards Points on order_new.html page Email template Magneto 2.3.4

I want Reward Redeemed and and Earned Points in order_new.html Email template page in Total section and E Gift Card Reedemed Data also required. For that I Overide this file in my theme: /var/www/...
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3 votes
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Display Reward Points on Product Page in Magento 2 EE

I have setup a custom module to display some information underneath the 'Add to Cart' button on product pages. The information that I would like to display is the amount of reward points that a ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Convert Price into Reward points

I am working on Magento 2 Reward Points section and want to show price in points on storefront. I have product price $25 on storefront And I have set Reward Exchange Rates $1 = 10 points 10 points =...
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2 answers

How can I style the CSS of ONLY the Reward Points page?

I'm fairly new to Magento. My current version is Enterprise I was wondering how can I style the CSS of ONLY the Reward Points page? Any help is appreciated! ive also attached a screenshot of ...
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2 answers

How to call rewards block phtml content into minicart section magento 2?

Magento 2 Enterprise, With Magento Reward module, Inside layout file checkout_cart_index.xml file with reward block is defined as below. <block class="Magento\Reward\Block\Tooltip\Checkout" name=...
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