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Magento 2 How to filter product collection base on Product Attribute Rule

I have created a Product Attribute rule as per the above image now set below the product attribute option for filter products in stock. But when product collection is fetched display all products in ...
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load JS after changing the attribute value from dropdown on product add or product edit page backend

We are having brand and model two dropdown attributes on product level. We want to call JS when we change the value of brand while creating new product or editing existing product on backend.
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How to add new field in Product link section Magento 2?

I want to add new field in the magento 2 admin > product > downloadable information > and link details. Please check the screenshot attached After some research, I am able to add field in UI ...
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How to retrieve characteristics attributes of a product in Magento 2 GraphQL API based on their attribute set?

In Magento 2, each product can be assigned with an attribute set, which varies based on the product category. My attribute set contains specific characteristics such as color and manufacturer, which I ...
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magento 2 : is it impact on isting page performance for $_product->getResource()->getAttribute('custom_attribute_code')?

I have a custom attribute which has 15 text values. I am using $_product->getResource()->getAttribute($attributecode)->getFrontend()->getValue($_product); . In catalog page I have used ...
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Magento 2 - Custom Product Attribute Category Model

Upgrading an M1 site that uses the following function to output a link to a custom product attribute collection. Can someone help me with the proper way to do this in M2? Thanks! $cats = $_product-&...
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How can I import multiple select attributes in Magento 2.3.5?

I'm working with a new installation of 2.3.5. I am unable to import a multi-select product attribute. My attribute I'm trying to import is "Year" for auto parts. I have tried importing with ...
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Show product attribute on product page magento 2.4

i need to show an attribute to product page under the name of the product. The attribute is text and the code is plustile I try to load it to a shopbybrand extension that has a block in the wanted ...
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How to add image upload option in product custom options magento 2?

I would like to show custom options all values with their image icon for that I need to add the image with each custom option value. Please do not suggest any paid extension or module.
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how to find my new product's attribute into the MySql's table "sales_order_item" (magento2.5)

I have created a 'New Attribute' into the Product Attributes [/admin/catalog/product_attribute/] for products : [specificity_trait_type]. And then, I added this attribute into the my products [/admin/...
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Product page Image Gallery Loading Issue

I'm getting images of product and using custom slider to load the product images in product details page, The product is loading normally but sometimes when we refresh the page, Images wont showup. ...
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Magento 2 - custom product search function

Currently i am working on the custom product search function. Please check the image These form already done on the frontend, using these form values i need to filter available products on the ...
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