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Checkout process not proceeding after 2 step in magento 1.9.4

The customer get stuck in step2 of checkout proces (onepage-checkout). All fields are filled in step 2 but no response using the next button. What can causing this issue?
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Doubled title suffix in admin (backend) pages - Magento 1.9

A client needs to add Title Suffix to show in all Magento administration pages. So I added it in System -> Configuration -> General -> Design -> Title Suffix and when I enter some text, ...
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Magento 1.9.4 cart issue

Magento 1.9.4 - I can add simple and configurable items to the cart, but in the cart configurable items are showing but simple items not showing, any suggestion?
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Custom create order function fails in controller but works in standalone PHP file

Recently after updating to 1.9.4 my custom order creation function began to fail. If I run my OAcreateOrder() function from a test PHP file the order is created as expected: testOrder.php ...
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