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Mage_XmlConnect is a magento default module which has been used for xml connection. Basically used for Mageno default mobile xml connection

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Not able to load Block from Controller function

I have extended the cart.php block and I render the block from my indexAction. In the CartController there are many other actions like addAction, deleteAction etc which calls the indexAction ...
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Magento call custom payment method via XMLConnect

it has been developed Android native app by Magento XMLConnect so now problem is that default Magento payment method display in an android app but custom payment method is not display in checkout ...
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XML_Connect with Javascript

I'm creating a mobile app using the Ionic 2 framework. Can anybody please point me in the direction of getting started or some boilerplate code for using Magento's XML_Connect through Javascript? I ...
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is Magento Mobile still officially supported?

Looks like all the Magento Mobile related documents are very old already, is it still officially supported by Magento now? do we have any newer support documentation?
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Magento C.E Missing Mage_XmlConnect table

I have just install magento C.E latest version: And after install completed, i have checked the database and find that all table for Mage_XmlConnect modules are missing.But i have check it ...
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