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M2EPro is a Magento module which allows the Magento backend to create and manage listings and orders on third party marketplaces including eBay, Amazon, and Rakuten.

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Disable Order Confirmation Email for particular customer group

Is there a way to disable a Magento Order Confirmation Email for a particular customer group ? I won't mind someone giving me a guide on how to create a custom module for this function. Thanks
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me2pro - 500 error after install ( magento 1.9)

Tried to install the latest version of m2e pro (6.5) which is not, supposedly, available to the public yet but was passed to me by m2e after i inquired about the module. i followed the install ...
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Magento 2 : Best practice to load category EAV value

I want to know what is best practice to load a complex EAV attribute in a block. I have added a custom EAV attribute to category and I can see it in Catelog_Category_Entity_Text table, although I am ...
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Disable M2E Pro

We use to use M2E Pro and now we want to disable it The problem is that now whenever we try accessing an order that was created by M2E pro we get an error: The requested Payment Method is not ...
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Error sending Magento 2 Products to Ebay with M2E

I'm trying to send an item to see how the extension works, but I get this error and I wondered if there is a way to solve this issue. The error message that I get is the following : Input data for &...
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Magneto 2.3 SMTP configured but mails not send

after setting up SMTP extension ,when send test mail giving error "Unable to send mail:unknown error" and in exception log gives bellow exception. " main.CRITICAL: Unable to send mail: ...
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remove BOM byte ("" /ufeff"") from response

so im using m2e pro extension on magento 2.3 suddenly the synchronizing stopped from working. thats because that m2e pro uses their own cron job and they sends curl calls to the server, but my server ...
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Route /checkout/cart/add gives 404 error after update

After updating from 2.1.9 to 2.1.17 the /checkout/cart/add URL now responds with a 404. I checked .htaccess file, unable to find a difference. Any ideas where this route is defined? How do I debug?
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Class Magento\CatalogInventory\Model\StockRegistryStorage does not exist

Installed a module on Magento 2 website, after running a setup:upgrade, reindex and cache. Then I run a setup:di:compile, but I received an error. Class Magento\CatalogInventory\Model\...
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