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Questions tagged [locale-translation]

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0 votes
2 answers

magento 2.4 login page meta title does not get localized

I have a multi store view magento where each store view has its own language but I have an issue with translating some pages. For regular pages (aka pages that I create via backend in Content > ...
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1 answer

How can i revert translation word changed by translation csv when module is disable

Actually my issue is that, I have a custom module and i have add translation csv and in that csv file i have changed Add to Cart text to Purchase. But when i have disable this module so button text ...
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1 answer

Magento 2.4: How to add the locale for a website using config.php?

Our Magento website is hosted on Commerce cloud and I have created the multi website but since the commerce cloud is in production mode, I'm not able to update the locale using admin settings. I get ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Magento 2 knockout js translation is not working

I'm using Magento 2.3.4 I'm looking at the translation issue for the last few days but I didn't get any answer. I have used mageplaza one step checkout module. Very recently I have upgraded the ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Magento 2.3.3 - Date format issue in admin area with different locale

I tried to edit the product special price date from admin with different locale and it showing issue with date format. It is working properly with en_US locale. When I switch the locale to nl_NL, ...
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0 answers

Magento 2: theme translation does not work

Magento 2.2.9 I have a third party module (vendor/mirasvit/module-search-autocomplete). It comes with several translatable strings (i18n/en_US.csv). I want to translate the string Show all %1 ...
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