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Magento Multiple nodes maintenance mode(exam question)

An Adobe Commerce Architect is working on a multi-server horizontally scaled Adobe Commerce on-premise installation. There are three nodes up and running the Adobe Commerce installation: node A, node ...
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Managing Cache prefixes and database numbers in multi vm environment

I am hosting Magento through Google Cloud and have each store including the admin running on its own VM behind a load balancer. My concern was I was running into issues during di:compile. When I ...
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How to handle modules in multiple webservers behind a load balancer?

This is my setup: DB Server NFS Server for shared media files Load Balancer Web Server 1 Web Server 2 What is the best way to handle installing modules? The only thing I can think of is going into ...
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Magento 2.3.2 Autoscaling and User Sessions

We have magento running on AWS Fargate behind a load balancer. It works great when it is not scaled(i.e only one task is running), however when it scales to 2 or more tasks I am not able to login as a ...
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ELB + ECS + EFS + RDS amazon,cron job with magento 1.9

We are migrating our Magento 1.9 to AWS. We have already implemented an RDS MySQL database, an EFS for static and PHP files. Alsa with we has a load balancer connected with for the moment 2 servers ...
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Magento 2 - Load Balancer - Health Check Failing - 302 redirect

I am having an issue with my load balancer health checks. It is attempting to access the server hosting the Magento 2 site. When I curl the IP address of the machine I get the following Response ...
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Magento 2 AWS auto scaling

I am not an expert in AWS. so please excuse me for this question. Our AWS EC2 instance host all the projacts of our client including a Magento 2 project, Wordpress projects etc. Each folders are ...
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New install on EC2 rewrite issues

I've just finished installing 2.1.7 on an Ubuntu EC2 instance running Nginx behind a load balancer. SSL terminates at the load balancer with the EC2 instance serving HTTP only. As close as I was able ...
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Unable to login in magento admin panel in any browser

I am unable to login in magento admin panel. Magento ver. Reason is in every minute its calling this: Error : {ajaxExpired: 1,…} ajaxExpired : 1 ajaxRedirect : "https://www....
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image upload with Magento Elastic Load Balancer

My Magento store is configured with Elastic Load Balancer but when i try to upload product images from the backend sometimes it fails. I have IP - A - B My problem is there ...
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How to distribute Magento application across several nodes in cluster setup?

I've been Googling around, but still don't have a clear picture of the subject. I've set up following 1x LB node (nginx) 1x Webserver node (Nginx + PHP-FPM) 1x Cache-Session node (2 Redis instances)...
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Simple Magento load-balancing

What is the simplest two web server, single DB load balancing? Will this work for community out-of-the box? I assume, at minimum, I would have to store sessions in the database rather than ...
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Full Page Cache in our Cluster users are able to see other users accounts

When I turn on Full Page Cache in our Cluster users are able to see other users accounts. We are using REDIS for Objects and FPC now (Separate instances) I switch sessions to the database We have 4 ...
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Load Magento Layered Navigtion , After page loads [closed]

I have some heavy developments on my Left Hand Layered Navigation , in Category View Page.So its taking time to load , and increasing the page load time. I have already done code optimization and ...
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Moving to a Load Balanced Environmnet

We currently run magento enterprise on a single EC2 AWS instance with an ELB out front and MySQL RDS. We are looking to move toward a distributed load balanced environment with two magento EC2 ...
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HTML block caching regularly is invalidated [closed]

I got a problem on a running magento site (CE, which got the BLOCK_HTML cache regulary invalidated (even without product/categories edit). The website was tested on 2 different environment ...
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Accessing directly one server from a load balancer

I have my magento website at This is linked to the load balancer with 4+ webserver behind. I need to set up an url like to access directly one of ...
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Magento (v. with 2 web server and 1 db setting (nginx)

we are using nginx load balancing (ip to set up magento 2 web + 1 db upstream web_rack { #ip_hash; server; #web1 server; #web2 } in both ...
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Magento module updates in load balanced environment

We are shortly moving to new server infrastructure which will have 2 webservers behind a load balancer that are deployed using Capistrano. The only area of concern I have is how to handle module ...
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Perfomance benefits of using NGINX

Considering using NGINX to serve magento- I'm not concerned about implementation details, but want to know if anyone has good (or bad) things to say about it. Also of particular interest is using ...
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