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Product list pagination not working correctly for category with over 50 products

I have a multistore with 4 stores. Three of the 4 are working correctly as they have under 50 products in the specific category. The one with more than 50, shows next page after the final product, and ...
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Platform specific restrictions

I am looking for information what i can not sell using magento open source. Is there list of forbidden items? This information for my blog article.
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Filtering products by category on custom cms page

Could someone somehow guide me on how I can make the product list filter by clicking on one of the three buttons. I have a custom page, and on it 3 buttons with categories. E.g. category A, B and C. ...
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Invalid template file: 'Magento_catalog::product/list.phtml'

I noticed I am getting error in my magento 2.2.6 website's system.log continuously [2021-09-16 10:10:56] main.CRITICAL: Invalid template file: 'Magento_catalog::product/list.phtml' in module: '...
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Magento 1 shopping cart: product list empty, but there is products

When I open shopping cart, the product list seems to be empty; however there is products, infact the total show the price. Any suggesion? Thank youenter image description here Magento's user avatar
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1 answer

Change order of widget catalog products list

I have a product in my product list, which must be at the top. After I have extended the product list, the product is unfortunately no longer at the top. I add the product list via the widget catalog ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Magento2.3: How to show the template file in a particular category page?

I have a custom module and on that I have a template file. I want to show that template in a particular category instead of it displaying in all the category pages. How can I achieve that? Anyone ...
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Change Products Images Dimensions in Catalog List Magento 2.1.6

I need to change the size of the images shown in the LIST format, but leaving the GRID format like this. The first image shows how the page is currently in LIST mode. The second image shows how I ...
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Rest API for getting attribute option information

I want to get a list of all attributes. I know that{{ATTRIBUTE_ID}}/options will grab an the attribute options, but how do i get a list of all attributes so ...
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