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set invoice expire time

I need to set expire time of a custom gateway invoice to be the same as the Pending Payment Order Lifetime. So that, how to get the "pending payment order lifetime" programmatically. eg: i ...
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Magento 2: Can we show lifetime sales on the basis of processing order?

Currently, Lifetime sales on Magento admin dashboard are showing on the basis of complete orders. Can we show it on the basis of processing orders?
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3 answers

No Orders in Reports > Sales - Orders

I can't find any record in Reports Orders (reports/report_sales/sales/) even if I tried to place some order from the store.
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Sales on Magento 2 Commerce store

Which features do you use/suggest to organize sale events on your Magento 2 Commerce stores? Sale event is a period of time when some temporary changes are needed to be performed on the website. ...
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The life time sales total is not changing on updating the status of the order

I want to update the status of quite a few orders in bulk from pending to complete, and hence I am trying to do it in a programmatic way as there is no option in magento backend, for updating the ...
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Magento Function Error : Website And Back-end Completely Stuck whenever run sales report

If i try to run sales report my website and backend not working, every time i am going to reboot my server. Are any possible methods exits to avoid this issue?
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