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Adobe Commerce Annual License Cost

I know Adobe Commerce charges us annual license cost based on our GMV. Is there any way that we find a software vendor implementing Magento for us but we can bypass the annual license cost? Thanks.
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How many Theme licenses to buy on 1 Magento 2.x install with 3 websites/stores/storefronts each running on a separate domain?

Magento 2.4.2 Porto theme I am setting up a new project on Magento 2.4.2 which will have 1 Magento installation running on a dummy (not used in the project at all) domain with 3 additional websites/...
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Is it legal to use Opensource modules with Magento Commerce?

I was just reading the Magento Commerce Software License Agreement v1 today. ( Under the section 2B, it says ...
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Magento 2 Extension usage restriction for multiple project

I am creating an extension, but I want to restrict the extension usage in multiple projects. Like if a customer purchased the extension for one project, but he should never use the same extension to ...
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Installation limit on purchased themes for Magento 2?

Is there a limit on the number of stores or sites on which a purchased Magento 2 theme can be installed?
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Which license should I use for my own extension to prevent others to use it without my permission/paying?

I developed a few extensions and I try to figure out which license I should use to "prevent" others e.g. our agencies to copy them and spread them to their own customers w/o my permission.
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Magento2 Extensions how to set a module enable activation key

I have a Extension. How to set a module activation key for customers. if i set a PHP code then someone is commenting that code and run that extension.please provide a best solution. Thanks in Advance
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Magento license violation?

Just in case I might need it some day ... is there a place where I can inform the Magento guys of a license validation? Searched a bit but found nothing. Thanks
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Magento license doubts [closed]

I'm boginning with a startup that's based on online shops. Something kinda shopify. I'm investigating into wich platform better suites my needs, and Magento appears to be the first choice. I only have ...
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If I write an entire system based on Magento2, can I sell it to another individual? [duplicate]

Based on Magento2 license agreement, if I write an entire system based on Magento2 platform, will it be considered as my legal property and can I sell my entire system to another individual ? ...
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