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Module LESS results are different depending on use of grunt or setup:static-content:deploy

I am tying to break up my CSS, in a rather big module, so that it is easier to find the CSS I need. I have done something like the following in my _module.less: @import "module/_first-less";...
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Update Product Attribute through Import Tool using csv - ERROR: keep creating new same sku number - magento 2

I'm try to update a product attribute called "custom_stock_status". I have put together a csv file, with 2 columns like this, and import the file using import behavior "add/update", but it keeps ...
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Unable to import custom less file in custom theme's modules in Magento2

I have created a custom theme in Magento 2 and I want to add _customvariables.less and _custommixins.less in all other less files. I have added these files in the following location. magento2/app/...
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Using Theme Lib Css / Source In Modules

If using the _module.less convention in a custom module - do we have access to all of the files included there (lib-clearfix, etc)? Is this the only way or are there other methods that have been ...
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Getting Error cannot create symlink Every time

I'm getting following error from a long time and can't get a permanent solution the error is "cannot create symlink error code 1314 Magento 2". The error like symlink _reset.less. Please find the ...
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How can I add custom less file and in a particular theme compile less file in Magento 2

How can I add custom less file and in a particular theme compile less file in Magento 2 ?
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How to over ride frontend-blank _navigation.less in custom theme?

There are a number of great answers on less extending and overriding but none seem to answer this. I want to override the following in a custom theme. /vendor/magento/theme-frontend-blank/web/css/...
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CSS files not update with _extend.less rules

I has installed magento 2 version 2.0.7-0, I trying to create my own theme but I can get archive that styles in _extend.less work correctly. This is my path theme: /app/design/frontend/<vendor>...
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Magento 2 - Importing LESS mixins/variables from lib

Explanation I'm really not a fan of loading all the CSS on every page regardless of whether it's required, to me this is bad practice. Therefore I am creating CSS files for certain areas, e.g ...
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