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Questions tagged [jslayout]

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How to Make Category tree Auto expand the assigned subcategory tree in edit product form?

I'm using Magento 2.4.1 and have 4 levels category when editing a product in cms it really cumbersome when I need to locate the hierarchy of my product categories because when it first loads it only ...
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Render paypal express button in jslayout

The goal is to render Paypal express button under the customer's email address field in checkout page. Since the checkout page is render by jslayout, how can I insert the paypal express button block ...
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1 answer

move shipping field to below shipping methods

I have a block that display in shipping-address-fieldset and i have try to move it using layout but i'm failing. i want it to be displayed below Shipping Methods. please help Below is the layout file &...
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How to change address field labels on the payment / billing page?

I needed to change the street field label on Magento checkout shipping page. According to Magento documentation, the best practice is to use LayoutProcessor Plugin. I successfully changed the labels ...
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Change position of elements/uiComponents in Magento 2 checkout depending on screen size

I have 2 html elements on my checkout for which I need to change the position on the page, depending on whether it's being displayed on mobile device or desktop. I cannot solve this using css only ...
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