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Magento 2: join custom table with product collection while sql query is running fine

I trying to join custom table with product collection but I am not getting result. But printed SQL query is running fine namespace Vendor\Module\Block\Product; use Magento\Catalog\Api\...
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How to join product collection of magento 2 to a custom table?

I have a custom table user_product_table with a field sku(this field join to product collection) and user. How can I join this table with product collection, so that I don't have to loop my custom ...
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Magento Admin Order Grid Filter by "Status" giving error while joined with "sales_flat_order" table

I am working on a project where there is custom column already installed on sales_flat_order table. I know, in order grid magento uses sales_flat_order_grid table to fetch data. I have used join ...
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Get Product name in grid

In custom module i m saving product id in my table using that i want to display product name in admin grid I m trying this code to join table $collection->getSelect() ->joinLeft( ...
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Magento 1.9.x - I want to join first name and last name in customer grid

I want to get fullname of customers in magento back-end server. I already brought the first name in index "NAME" and i want to join the lastname after first name. protected function ...
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M2.1.9- I used the method which joining table when adding column to order grid. But it is so slow and filter function disappear

There, I used the method which joining table when adding new column to order grid. A new column is for company name and its information is from sales_order_address, not sales_order. I succeeded to ...
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