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"Invalid Form Key, please refresh the page? " - addtocart

I am testing website deployed based on Magenta Template Framework, the problem that occurred is that the cart kept being empty even the add to cart link has been ran. And furthermore, i kept getting ...
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Login doesn’t work and it redirects again to login page in magento 2 using jmeter

I am new to JMeter. I tried to record login or sign-up using the JMeter proxy in Magento 2.2.7 and I tried to view the result in the JMeter, but in JMeter. I'm unable to get the response of the login ...
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Add to cart not working in Magento 2.2.5 performance testing script "benchmark_2015.jmx" for customer account

In Magento2 - I am using Magento benchmark script "benchmark_2015.jmx" for a default Magento(v2.2.5) installation. In Customer Checkout thread group >> "Add to cart" request(
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Magento2 : Having issue with product add to cart jmeter

I am using Magento2.2.5 and using benchmark_2015.jmx, Facing issue when test for logged in customer and adding product to cart, Cart shows empty. It's default magento benchmark_2015 script, stored in ...
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Redis does not improving performance

I'm trying to find the best setup for one really slow site. For education purpose. I set with AWS CloudFront like full page cache, not only static files. Also Varnish and Redis, and performance are ...
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