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2 answers

Hyva products category "load more products" via fetch javascript init problem

There is the standard way to implement "load more products" via ajax request the next page and append the needed part of the html code to listing. There is the problem with js init also, the ...
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3 answers

ajax based multiple select layered Navigation with infinite product Scroll

I am looking for an extension with these Features Ajax Based Layered Navigation with Multiple select Infinite product Scroll please recommend any free or paid extension or group of an extension but ...
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Magento InfiniteScroll not working with AheadWorks Layered Navigation

I am using extesion for infinite scroll with porto + AheadWorks Layered Navigation It's stops working when we apply any sorting? Do you have ...
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1 answer

check content update javascript Magento 2

I have changed content to next page in category page in magento by I try to check content of list update by this function: $('.category-products ....
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1 answer

How to add back to top button in Magento 2?

I want to add back to top button on our site. I referred the below link But we have no footer.phtml. Could anyone ...
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Recent viewed product conflcit with infiniteScroll

I have installed the Infinite scroll extension On my category Listing page. I have also added the feature of recent viewed product, but it not compatible with infinite scoll. I have done the changes ...
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1 answer

Conflict in layer navigation and infinite scroll extension magento2

I have Installed above BSS_layeredNavigation & Lof_Ajaxscroll extensions. Both of them are working fine if used individually. If both extensions are enabled there is a conflict. To avoid ...
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6 votes
2 answers

QuickView not working after load product Using infinite scroll Magento 2

I am using Weltpixel Quick View extension and it is working fine.But there is an issue when products loads using infinite scroll.After loads products using infinite scroll , quick view stops working....
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