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Hyva Themes : Magento2 How To Create Sticky Header?

I'm looking for a code that can help me with sticky header for hyva themes.
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Aschroder_SMTPPro - need this one for magento 2

i want Aschroder_SMTPPro for magento 2 and wants to know weather it will be hyva compactible or not?
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magento 2 how to use WYSIWYG editor at hyva frontend?

I am using hyva theme and i want to display WYSIWYG editor on the product detail page on my custom form.
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Magento 2 Hyva: How to add a loader in cart on increasing and decreasing qty using Hyva?

I want to add a Hyva loader on the cart page using the Hyva theme. I checked this doc from hyva Hyva doc loader but I am not sure How I can implement this on increasing and decreasing qty. Let me ...
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How to Create a Product Grid in Storefront Using hyva-themes/module-magento2-admin Module?

Question: I've been using hyva-themes/module-magento2-admin to simplify admin area grid development in Magento 2, and it's been fantastic. Now, I'm looking to leverage the same module to create a ...
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Login page did not give error massage if user give wrong details in magento 2 using with hyva theme

I am using Magento 2 with a hyva Theme when I go to the login page and write the wrong credentials it will not give an error Massage like Please provide correct credentials in this page /customer/...
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hyva-themes/magento2-cms-tailwind-jit not working issue

In my Magento setup, I add a new Hyva extension called cms-tailwind-jit was not working. toggle-button on-off HTML content is not a change issue. Magento Version: 2.4.5 I upgrade the module version ...
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