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how to determine hosting requirements

We are preparing to launch 2 e-commerce sites using CE ver 1.9. Each site will begin with around 10000 sku's. What are the key things we need to look for from a web host...are things such as database ...
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How to install module magento 2 don't need run command line bin/magento setup:upgrade

I need to install module pf magento 2 in hosting. I'm trying to connect host with port 21 using putty but not success. I need one other way, please help me.
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2 answers

Virtual host setup in local host magento 2

I installed magento 2.2.4 and (name directory SA ) i want to have in the url and for admin so i tried to open sudo vi /etc/apache2/sites-available/magento2.conf but ...
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Magento hosting requirements for 1.9?

What are hosting requirements for magento 1.9 ? My website have 1000 visits per day and have narrow my choice to 2 providers: 1. 2.https://www.nexcess....
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Easy to Deploy 2 server setup on AWS

My client wishes to make a simple 2 server magento setup, one for the database and one for the webserver. Most AMI out there or AWS deployments are much much more complicated (and expensive!) and not ...
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Magento Hosting - Have I reached the max speed on shared? [closed]

I'm not sure if this question is allowed according to the question guide. However I have got a Magento store with bout 620 products (planning to reach 1.5k-2k) on a shared hosting on h*stga*** since ...
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