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3 answers

Magento 2.3 it's not working properly in localhost [duplicate]

I have installed new Magento 2.3 in my localhost. it is a successfully installed. But When I open an admin URL it comes with blank URL. Also, my homepage comes without Magento default logo. Also, I ...
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6 votes
3 answers

How to load a phtml file only for homepage? (Magento 2)

I am trying to load a phtml file like this: File /app/design/frontend/name/themename/Magento_Theme/layout/default.xml <referenceContainer name=""> <block class="Magento\...
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15 votes
3 answers

Magento2 - How to show a block content on homepage

How to show a block content on homepage? After install magento2 without sample data, I chose 'Magento Luma' theme and add 'Home Page Block' block and copy the code from the sample store. but nothing ...
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23 votes
5 answers

How do I add a block on the home page above the content, below the navigation on the home page only?

How do I add a block to the home page only above the content section, but below the navigation to spread across the page whilst still using the two-column template? I am using Magento version 1.9. ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Disable redirect after product add to basket

When I add something from the category to the basket/cart it redirects me to the basket/cart. After searching I found that I could turn this functionality of in the admin system via Configuration &...
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5 votes
4 answers

Magento 2 How to add Home link in navigation bar!

How can i link my home page in the navigation bar(Home) button?
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3 votes
1 answer

Setting a unique home page for each store in Magento2

How would I set a a unique home page per store in Magento 2? Is there a way to do this programmatically and in the admin panel as well?
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3 votes
1 answer

Show products on homepage breaks page 1.9 [duplicate]

I am currently found this solution to post products on homepage {{block type="catalog/product_list" category_id="7" template="catalog/product/list.phtml"}} once i paste above code inside CMS > ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Does not show categories or products in homepage

I need to list all the categories on the home page and is not working, I used: {{block type="catalog/navigation" name="catalog.category" template="catalog/category/list_home.phtml"}} I also just in ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Magento 2 : Redirect From Homepage to Login if not Logged

I would like to redirect customer from homepage to login page, if they are not logged in. I have a module however this just shows a blank homepage instead of redirecting. Repo:
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22 votes
4 answers

Magento 2 - Homepage is 404

Am struggling with a strange error in magento 2. Have a setup where i have removed some stores, so now only single store. Am trying to set the home page in admin (CMS Home Page) No matter what I ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Best way to check if page is home page

What is the most reliable way to check if current page is the home page? I need to check that in a block class and in a helper class. Searching on forums, I've found two popular ways to do this: ...
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6 votes
2 answers

show products of a category on home page in magento

i'm getting crazy right now. I'm setting up a template and this easy thing which was done in 5 minutes took my last 3 hours. I can't figure out why this simple block thing for showing a category on ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Magento 2 - how to make a custom (home) page-layout [duplicate]

The overrides structure that I have made for custom theme is (based on Blank): app > design > frontend > Magento > gc>Magento_Theme > templates It's now possible to override phtml ...
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only one product showing in list [closed]

First Magento Site. This has been the most difficult CMS to jump into it seems. Brand new Magento install. I've added this to my home page as suggested in other threads to create a product ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Redirect/rewrite home page to store view

I have enabled Add Store Code to Urls to access the different store views of my Magento website, but now and have the same content. To avoid duplicate content I would ...
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1 vote
4 answers

How to display a timer countdown from a static block

I want to display a timer countdown on a HOME page like a banner. I found the question Timer countdown in product view page, but I don't know how to use it for the home page. Where do I put this ...
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2 answers

How can I add icons in Magento Homepage header?

May i know how to add icons in header ?
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Display category products on homepage using carousel slider

I am able to display products from specific categories on homepage using duplicate copies of list.phtml and with the help of this code. It just displaying flat 4 products but I want to display more ...
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