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HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine) was developed by Facebook to provide just-in-time (JIT) compilation for PHP applications to improves server speed performance.

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Varnish making admin ajax very slow

We are on Magento1.7 using Varnish+nginx+HHVM. Frontend part of the website is fast but on the admin side specifically when there AJAX calls it will take a lot of time. I observed that disabling ...
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Nginx seg faults on request to index

I am running magento v2.X with Nginx and HHVM, making requests directly to HHVM works fine, and non-magento sites run fine too, but when I make a request to nginx for out of the box magento nginx seg ...
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Is it possible to get Magento 1.9x running bug free with HHVM?

I'd like to get my shop running faster, and have been playing with HHVM but I've run into all sorts of bugs when using it. Is it possible to get it to work cleanly, or is Magento 1.9x just not ready ...
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502 bad gateway nginx server

I am getting randomly the 502 bad gateway on my site. When I check the hhvm logs I am getting this error: Fatal error: Class undefined: Mage_Facebookfree_Helper_Active in /mypath/Mage.php on line ...
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HHVM is breaking display in Manage Currency Rates

Our Magento store is running on an NGINX server & HHVM. I've noticed that when you go to System > Manage Currency Rates the currency fields are displayed in the wrong order, they've all been ...
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