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Custom block is not showed in header.panel

Stumbled on this issue: I need to add a block which switches between Web-pages in a DropDown form. I am using a custom theme here. Block must be located at this side But the problem is, that when I ...
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How to move custom link right after logo in custom theme?

I have created custom link under app\design\frontend\Myrwd\mytheme\Magento_Theme\layout\default.xml <!-- location added in header --> <referenceBlock name="header.links"> <...
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How to move category in header panel before Sign In Magento 2

Please see the below screenshot. I am trying to move the category menu and want to display HALF TITLE category before sign in header.
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Header Links showing beyond search box and minicart beyond navigation !! Magento 2.3.5-p1

When a customer is signed in the header links (My account, My Wish List, SIgn Out) are displayed beyond the search box . See the image attached . I've noticed that there is an {z-index:...
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How to move existing links and add new custom links in top header?

I already check many answers regarding the move header.links to header-wrapper its working but the problem is that it also move my custom links to header content. I am trying to create a new ...
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Magento 2.2.5 Show customer header links in Category navigation menu

In Magento 2.2.5, Is there any way to display the top customer header links in Category navigation menu. Like this
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How to ad background image on header-panel

so, i am trying to customise my header-panel! i want add background image insted of background color!! inside my _theme.less file .page-header { .panel.wrapper { position: fixed; width: 100%...
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Create block between header and main

I am facing issue with creating a block between header.container and main. so that I can put the banner over there. And I need the banner in home page only please help me for the same.
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How to change the contents in the header of Magento 2 [duplicate]

I have attached the screenshots images of my store and the model how it should appear. I have to change according to that. can anyone please help how to change or customize the header of the magento 2....
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I cannot change Page Wrapper with ann way

I will start with a strange problem that I cannot find its solution for a week. In my template, there are a lot of kind of headers. In the most of them there is a problem. They have a line in top ...
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Changing Luma Panel Header CSS

I am attempting to change the background color of the panel header in Luma. I want the entire header area (everything above the navigation bar) to be black. I found this similar question, which helped,...
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